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T U B U L A R   F I L M S

The information’s about our products had been investigated and tested as serious as possible. However, for your special applications and production methods you must try if the film can be used in your process and under your conditions. We are ready to support you as best as possible.


Below you can find the technical basic information’s about our main films. Beside those films we produce some very special films for very special applications. Tell us your needs and we will try to help.


Our films are produced with the blow film technology. Therefore very small tolerances for width and thickness is guaranteed as well as constant physical behavior all along a roll.


You are looking for good films ? Your search is finished.


Here technical datasheets

Technical datasheets


Polyamid 6                              download PDF (35KB)


Polyamid 6,6                           download PDF (26KB)   


Copolyamid                            download PDF (23KB)


Polyamid 11                            download PDF (25KB)


Polyamid 12                            download PDF (22KB)


Polyethylen                            download PDF (23KB)






Technical datasheets